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Residential Architecture in Vereeniging, Gauteng

Residential Architecture Services & Design

Residential Architecture in Vereeniging, Gauteng, also called domestic architecture, means the design and building of residential properties.

These projects deal with multi-unit residential buildings, single-family homes, renovations and remodels.

Residential architects are different from commercial architects, who use their architectural skills and education to design workplaces.

Residential architects are design professionals who specialize in the design and construction of residential buildings, such as individual homes and condominiums.

Residential architects work for contractors or for individual prospective homeowners to design residential homes.

Residential architects begin a project by meeting with a client to determine that client’s individual design tastes, vision, and budget.

They then draft up plans (called “blueprints”) of the proposed design.

A residential architect is concerned with much more than the aesthetic of a home.

Residential architects need to consider zoning laws, environmental factors, and the structural stability of the building.

They also need to design the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling components of the building.

Some residential architects oversee projects from their conceptual stages into completion, which means they work closely with contractors, homeowners, builders, and even interior designers.

As a full service architecture firm with a prodigious understanding of building science, material science, and energy efficiency, Continental architecture takes a multi-disciplinary team approach to design comfortable, durable, healthy, and energy efficient buildings.

Our work includes both new construction and retrofit projects that start with schematic design and are taken through construction documents, bidding, permitting, construction administration and post-construction monitoring.